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Gizzy sounds like he's getting enough time outside his crate for exercise to really stretch his legs and give his muscles a workout and gets lots of attention. Maybe a special treat (something he really likes, piece of cheese or chicken) when he has to go in his crate would change his behaviour from hiding or hissing and make him happier about going in. His "bed" can be old (or cheap) towels or baby blanket, so that if soiled they can be washed easily.

As for Forest's hair ball problem, one way to eliminate that is to run the comb through his coat twice a day---sounds like a lot of grooming, but it isn't really and only takes a couple of minutes. Older cats often start to neglect their grooming, and most really appreciate having it done for them and not having to lick up and swallow all that fur.

I realize that this crate setup isn't ideal for an active Bengal mix, but does control and limit his spraying in your apartment to make it more livable for you and your bf. Hope everthing turns out well at the vets.

Don't know what you mean by vet "not be too difficult on the food issue." ??
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