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LP..nice job on the planting. That one tree does look like an oak. We had a oak tree in our yard where I grew up. I miss the nice big trees. Also, make sure u give them a good drink every day for the first couple of weeks after planting,,,turn the hose on a slow trinkle so the water runs down to the roots and not onto the grass. Trees lose a lot of water every day thru evaporation so giving them a good drink when they are newly planted helps them. Also giving them some 10-52-10 to help their roots develop is good too! I also hope u gave them a big area to spread out,,,cause they are going to get huge! LOL

The hosta garden looks nice too...I hope u gave them lots of room to spread out too as they will get huge and turn into bushes and u won't be able to move them without a fork lift after that. LOL
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