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From about 2pm - 10pm during the week, he is out of the crate. Forest doesn't go anywhere. Forest has hairball problems so we have to watch him to make sure he doesn't vomit on the carpet. On weekends he comes out when we get up and if we go out then he goes back in, or if we stay home he stays out of the crate, unless it's meal time and he eats his food in the crate which he has trained us to do.

When the hissing started, a few days after he hide in his litter box whenever it's time for him to go in his crate. I don't know why he needs to hide inside his crate, I'm never angry or mad at him when it's crate time .

Gizzy gets a lot of pets when he comes out of the crate. He runs into my hand when he's out and if I take it away too quickly he will do a lil bite or swat at me, then when he's had enough head butting my hand he will walk all over my lap and finally snuggle up against me or half on my lap. I play when I can with him, but he's usually zooming around the room to even care about the toys I have for him to play with.

I hope the vet can help but also not be too difficult on the food issue.

Thanks catlover2!
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