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6 month old puppy - impacted teeth?

My wheaten puppy is now a few days shy of 6 months old Since his 4 month mark he's lost some teeth, but definitely not all (he seemed to lose a bunch at lightening speed and then stopped / slowed waaay down).
Today when I looked in his mouth I noticed that the canines on his top jaw seem teeth are coming in but the baby ones are still there. When I touched the baby canines they seem VERY VERY slightly wiggly...but definitely nowhere near ready to come out for another little while. Should I be worried?
I know many vets will remove impacted teeth at the time of neutering...but we already had Goose neutered at 5.5 months.
A part of me feels like it isn't time to worry YET but some advice / opinions from experienced dog-owners will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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