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I hate to be a pain but I feel like we're at the end of our rope with Gizzy.

We came home today to a smell that couldn't be ignored. We decided to clean the floor of the cage, but upon taking everything out of the cage to be able to pull it out, we came acorss his urine-soaked bed. So needless to say, that bed has gone down the garbage chute because I just don't know how to clean something that is covered in hair, litter and urine.

So as of tonight, he has no bed to sleep in. But he hasn't really slept in it for quite awhile now.

We are going to take him to the vet to rule out any illnesses before deciding whether to surrender him or not. If that happens, I don't think I will be getting another cat until Forest passes as to not stress him out and b/c my bf thinks cats don't need to be introduced which I do not have the energy to explain to him that they do...
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