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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Think they would do good in a shadier area? And anyone know if it's possible to buy bulbs in bulk? I'd love to plant a whole whack of them around the driveway or along the road.

You can order tons of bulbs through Veseys. Request a free catalogue or order on line. Bulbs do well in semi shade but not so well in complete shade. There is also Stokes catalogue. I believe they have moved into bulbs in the last couple of years.

They're not . Only counted 6 flowers in all. I'll forgo planting them in a pot next year and plant the seeds right into the earth. How intrusive are they Winston? I'm thinking of putting them around the porch out front...can I just rip them down in the Fall?

Morning Glories are invasive but are very easy to control. It just takes some of that weeding you like doing. Just remember they aren't crazy about fertilizer and rich earth. MGs are actually annuals. It is not the original plant that is coming back up but brand new plants from the seeds that have dropped.

I have no imagination for gardens but I'm pretty handy at weeding . I'm thinking next time I'm down your way, I'll use dh's pick-up and swing by Chris's...load up all her potted plants on my return and, voila, instant flower garden .

I'm glad my gardens looked like crap when you were here! No danger of you wanting to "borrow" the plants.

Good to know, I was thinking of how pruning dead lilac flowers aren't good for the tree and was wondering if that applies to roses as well .
Actually, the best time to cut back lilac trees is right after they have finished flowering for optimal growth the next year. That is what I have always heard and read. 'Course I could be way off.
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