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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
you could plant some bulbs in there for the spring! I like muscari, crocus and hiacynth!
Think they would do good in a shadier area? And anyone know if it's possible to buy bulbs in bulk? I'd love to plant a whole whack of them around the driveway or along the road.

Originally Posted by Winston View Post
How are the morning glory's coming along?
They're not . Only counted 6 flowers in all. I'll forgo planting them in a pot next year and plant the seeds right into the earth. How intrusive are they Winston? I'm thinking of putting them around the porch out front...can I just rip them down in the Fall?

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
When you are all finished can you come help me with mine please?
I have no imagination for gardens but I'm pretty handy at weeding . I'm thinking next time I'm down your way, I'll use dh's pick-up and swing by Chris's...load up all her potted plants on my return and, voila, instant flower garden .

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Yes, you may prune the dead roses. In fact it may encourage another flush if you do.
Good to know, I was thinking of how pruning dead lilac flowers aren't good for the tree and was wondering if that applies to roses as well .

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
LP,those are really cute baby-trees,the pups don't knock them over???
Fortunately, they're really good about the trees. Had to train Lucky not to pee on them and Penny not to pluck them .

Chico, I think you're right actually, about the tree being an Oak. I googled it and the leaves look identical. They're gonna be huge and now I'm thinking I planted them too close to the Maples .
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