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Originally Posted by beautiful_lie View Post
Hey hun, remember just because someone thinks it's wrong doesn't mean it is. We all have our beliefs, perspectives and schedules. If it were illegal, it wouldn't be happening. I'm not saying go right ahead and do it.. you never know, your cat might hardly scratch. Really odd thing, my first cat, half siamese and tabby, has never scratched up any furniture at all; opposed to my newer russian blue cat, if i leave him alone in the house he'll tear everything apart like chords and sofa, etc. He's the menace so I got his claws removed (just the front ones) because I had to. You're not a bad person if you do, just make sure it's necessary, but anyway I'm not here to change your mind.. if it's set then go be you!

But I do ask that if it is a kitten then... don't just get it declawed right away.. wait to see it's personality like I said, my first cat is more the cute ****s on the floor kinda cat LOL and my younger one is the affectionate scratcher. Just remember your cat might not even have a scratching problem, so it might be an unecessary action to take!
Cat's scratch by instinct, if you don't want your furniture scratched, then don't get a cat .

Tell me how a vet knows whether a cat is in pain? Does the vet have special communication skill . Just because it is legal, doesn't mean it is right.
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