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Thumbs up Feline Fresh Clumping Pine Litter.

This past week, we changed to Feline Fresh pine litter on the recommendation of the guys at our pet health store. We had been using clay clumping litter from Wal-Mart for many years. We have 7 cats who are pretty easy going and do not have big problems with the occasional change.

We started out by changing 2 of 6 boxes from clay to the new pine litter. What a major difference! The kids had no problems trying the new litter and began to use it immediately. We found that it gives off a fairly soft, but noticable scent of pine and very little if any dust. By comparison, the clay we used would produce a cloud of dust every time we topped the boxes.

We went for four days with the new pine, scooping daily before changing out the other four litter boxes to pine as well. It has now been a full week on the new litter. It is nothing short of amazing so far. There is no odor like there used to be with the old litter. Especially if you let it go for a day or two, all you smell is the soft scent of pine. Scooping is a breeze. The litter clumps as well or better than the old clay litter for both liquid and solids. The really odd thing is just how much difference there is in the weight. With the clay litter, it could be a chore to carry a bag of waste from six boxes. With the pine, the weight is easily 1/2 as much for the same amount.

I would highly recommend this especially if you have multiple kittys.

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