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Is it my dogs time?

My beagle is 15 years old. 2 years ago diagnosed with Cushings disease, we decided that the treatment causes more damage than the disease so we have just gotten use to cleaning up after him. He has been pretty healthy otherwise, he's blind and def, but still wags his tail and plays a little bit. About a 2 months ago, he started coughing, and I took him to the vet after about 3 weeks, they said he likely had bronchitis (due to x-ray) so they treated him with pills, those seemed to help but they also made him very sleepy a lot. He was getting better last week, and then he got into the garbage on last Thursday. Friday he didn't seem energetic and was sleeping most of the day, didn't really eat. By Sunday he still hadn't eaten and his hind legs started dragging and he wouldn't walk more than a few feet. Didn't drink or eat much at all. Monday took to vet and they gave him a shot for nausea and said that it's probably neaurological, cancer or possibly a slipped disc which all causes of these symptoms are not good for a dog this age and very expensive to treat. I took him home and Monday Night he ate some boiled pork.He finally had a bowel movement and started drinking some water again as well. He has dark brown reddish diahrea (really liquid). Took him to a different vet today, told them all of the things that happened and they said that if he started to eat again and started walking a little more (which he did today), then its probably not neurological or cancer or something like that since those things don't come on so acutely and then ease up like that. So they suspected maybe a blockage due to how some of the gases were building up in his intestine (from x-ray)... They did a barium xray and found nothing (the fluid passed nicely through his entire digestive system). He was somewhat dehydrated due to not drinking or eating. He is going to stay in the hospital tonight so they can rehydrate him and get some nutrients into his system, but the last I talked, he still wasn't much better in terms of movement or back legs. I know he's only been there for a 7 hours, but I would have expected something. Has anyone else ever had these types of symptoms and no clear cause? Could he have gotten food poisoning? Could it be something else? I know he's 15 and that makes him at the end, but I've found lots of sites where peoples beagles are 17, 18, 19, even 20. the world record is 24 Years old I think for a beagle! I will say, I hated the fact that my first vet told me that we should make a decision on putting him down so quickly! That's why I went to a different doctor, but I don't know, if he doesn't get better by tommorrow, I think we've eliminated anything that would be directly treatable and that I could afford. Already I've spent 2000 this month alone on his health stuff. I can't afford much more. I don't want him to die, I want him to be happy and I know he loves being around me and the kids... Just don't know what I will do if he doesn't get better.
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