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I'm not sure if it's the Hyper T. His only symptom seems to be the
weight loss.

He eats voraciously. If he is standing by his food dish, I empty almost
a full packet of the Wellness. His drinking and urination have not increased.

I do pay close attention as much as possible to see how much he eats.

He'll eat as much chicken as I can give him. Appetite certainly isn't an

He's not vomiting at all. When I go to give the sub Q, I can feel the bones
almost poking through his neck. Other than that, he looks thinner through
the back haunches. His fur is still shiny. He is not grooming excessively.

We are going into the vet on Monday. I'm hoping it's the thyroid and not
something much worse. He seems to be absorbing the fluids ok.
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