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So Micaud didn't get neutered today. There were so many people and I made number 35 and they only take 25 a day. I was given number 10 for the next site and that is on 8/22. I will be there!!

One thing though I found out today since I'm watching him more closely. I let him go to the fire escape where I have plants. he roams around but never goes dowm to the yard. But on the roof top below my building there was a kitty!! Micaud was staring at it and I thought he would come in and be agressive. So I stepped away and put the dog and my daughter in the bedroom. I went back to the window and Micaud just looked at me and laid down on the fire escape and closed his eyes. No agression! he came in drank water and went to his pet condo.

I'm now confused.
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