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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
It is not our job on Pets to tell people to kill their pets. If you would like to discuss more on this please lets do it through PMs, not in open forum. I do not believe this is all one sided on the cat's side. I believe there is something deeper here. We do not know the whole history and can not make decisions like that based on one post. I believe once the cat is fixed and if an effort is made to introduce the cat and dog in the proper way, with intervention if there is any sign of a fight, then eventually this story can have a happy ending. No one said owning pets was always a bed of roses. Occasionally we have to work to fix something in order to make the situation work.

I must say this sounds all too familiar to me. I sincerely hope it does not end up the same way as a thread about a year and a half ago went. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the advice given was the same. Mmm, makes you think..........
Exactly, we don't know the history and I believe the early interactions between Spin and Micaud have fueled this current behaviour. This cat may be totally different in a home with no other pet. If indeed Spin was teasing Micaud, then MIcaud has learned to fight back to protect himself. I am hoping the removal of testosterone will help calm Micaud, but I also think some Feliway should be tried.

Is it today Micaud is going in to be neutered?? Good luck!

The other thing I was thinking is that there may be another unaltered cat outside or a female in heat that may be making him more aggressive. It is too bad your vet had not talked to you about neutered @ six months , neutered males do make better pets.
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