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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
This is not a first-time bite for this cat. As deeve stated:

[I]"...he's gone crazy like that before but no so bad like this. he cat was always after my daughter and the dog but never after me or my hubby.I've had to take my daughter to the doctor with bites and lie to the doctor that the cat is not mine."[/I]

"We have gotten home many times to find the dog badly scratched and bleeding."

"we found him meowing by a garbage can. He was probably a month old."

"Why does he attack when we laugh loud or scream?"

Look at the facts! This is a cat that was likely never socialized well since he was found at such an early age and has never learned bite inhibition. This is a cat who already has an established pattern of aggression, who even if someone laughs too loud or a child screams is going to attack. To me that's sound like a "psycho" cat. I was not suggesting that he should be euthanized immediately as you imply. Neutering was the first thing that should be done to this cat, then to see if behaviour can be modified over next few months after that. If his pattern of aggressive behaviour and trigger action to loud laughs and screams continues, and he continues to go after the dog and her daughter, as well as her husband and herself then she should consider having him put down. Why should this cat be rehomed and foisted on someone else if it is proven untrustworthy and dangerous? To me this would be unconscionable. As much as I love cats, people's safety and wellbeing should be considered first. I sincerely hope that neutering will drastically alter this cat's behaviour, but it may not.
It is not our job on Pets to tell people to kill their pets. If you would like to discuss more on this please lets do it through PMs, not in open forum. I do not believe this is all one sided on the cat's side. I believe there is something deeper here. We do not know the whole history and can not make decisions like that based on one post. I believe once the cat is fixed and if an effort is made to introduce the cat and dog in the proper way, with intervention if there is any sign of a fight, then eventually this story can have a happy ending. No one said owning pets was always a bed of roses. Occasionally we have to work to fix something in order to make the situation work.

I must say this sounds all too familiar to me. I sincerely hope it does not end up the same way as a thread about a year and a half ago went. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the advice given was the same. Mmm, makes you think..........
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!

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