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Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
A few questions,

How old is Nookie Monster?
Why is he on those medications?
Cephalexin - antibiotic, for what type of infection?
Prednisolone - steroid. what inflammatory condition?
Phenobarbitol - anti-seizure medication. Epilepsy? when did the seizures start?

I don't suppose you can take a picture of the area? I realize that is a difficult site to photograph.

Yeast infection would be unlikely within the mouth. They are common on the outside of mouths.
Thank you for responding Dr. Lee.

Nanook is 5 1/2 months

He's on the Cephalexin as he has fluid in his lungs. We had a Transtrachael flush done last week. They got the cytology report and still don't know what it is. They said there is bacteria present along with fungal spores. The vet said it may be bacterial pneumonia from aspirated during one of the seizures but then said the x-rays don't support that. He also said it could be something inhaled, enviromental etc. The fungal spores he said could be inhaled, from his oral cavity, enviromental or from aspiration. So the cytology wasn't very helpful. They are in the process of growing cultures, both bacterial and fungal. He has a cough and an occasional "rotten fish" smell to him. They have checked his anal glands and don't think there is anything wrong there. The fishy smell is on his breath. I have noticed it when he burps.

The steroid is for possible sterile mengingitis. They treated him with 50mg daily for a week, then dropped it to 10mg daily for 2 weeks. He had a seizure on the last day of the low dose so they put him on another 2 weeks of 10mg daily. He had a CSF tap which indicated possible parasitic infection or sterile meningitis. He has had serum tests for neospora/toxo/crypto, all negative.

The pheno is to help control the seizures. The last one they think he may have aspirated, so they put him on pheno as he had 2 in 4 hours. They told us he is too young for epilepsy in the beginning, but one vet is now thinking that's what is is while another, after conferring with an internal specialist, thinks it is not epilepsy but sterile meningitis.

He had his first seizure at about 2 1/2-3 months (that we are aware of).

Thank you again for responding.
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