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White patch on underside of tongue?

Hey guys,

Hubby and I were playing with the nookie monster last night. He was laying on his side with his big floppy tongue hanging out and something white caught my eye. I opened his mouth and there is a big, white patch on the underside of his tongue. It is covering about half the area underneath.

I called our vet clinic this morning but she has 8 surgeries and won't be able to return my call until tomorrow. I will be calling around to find a clinic who is not too busy to return a call, but in the meantime, do any of you have any idea what this might be?

He's on medication right now:

750mg Cephalexin 2x daily (1500 mg total)
30mg Prednisone 2x daily (60mg total)
30mg Phenobarbital 2x daily (60mg total)

Was thinking maybe a yeast infection from the antibiotic?
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