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@Sugarcatmom: I looked at them earlier and also asked my mom what one was. One is Mineral Oil, one is just vitamins, one is..Famotidine, which was going to be for her vomiting but since she stopped we haven't given her any of that, and then... there's Keflex for her infection.

The vet believed she has an infection because of her blood work results. She had high in... some kind of blood thing, and low in two other things I can't remember now. I was actually worried though when he mentioned the blood one. Because he was saying something about bleeding, so the first thing I thought was "Internal bleeding?" but he didn't seem worried about that, but also didn't explain much. He didn't even show us the X-ray so we could see the possible blockage he thinks he maaay have seen.

We were administering the Mineral Oil by putting it in her food, which is soft food from a can. But we did just once give it to her through the thing the vet gave us to use, either he didn't know what Mineral Oil does to cats, or he just didn't care. But I read about that later on and told my mom right away, so we're going to continue putting it in her food. I tried to find other things that could have the same effect as mineral oil, and I read canned pumpkin? So I want to get some of that tomorrow, if that would help.

We were planning to switch vets when we got this kitten, because they treated our last cat horribly, and seem to just care a lot about the money. It ended up costing $480 for everything yesterday. $350 for the blood work and X-rays, $60 for the visit for them to look at her, which I found odd because it used to be $40. And then $70 dollars for the medicines they gave.
But yeah, I did a ton of research and looked for the best vets in the area, but my mom is nervous about change so she isn't ready to switch vets yet...

Oh, and no, she doesn't seem to be dehydrated. And she's pretty much as playful as always too.

@Ozzie: I told my mom about Laxitone, actually. Because I saw it while I was looking around the internet. Definitely need a new vet. I honestly feel like they made my last cat get sicker faster so she could die sooner. >.< I don't trust them at all.

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