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Angry Please Help, my cat keeps attaking us!

Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to share this and see if I can get some advice. My cat Micaud is crazy I think. Just last night my hubby, daughter, dog and I were sitting on my bed. Micaud was sleeping on his pet condo. Suddenly my hubby who was playing with the dog dropped her to the floor and my daughter screamed. The next thing I see is the cat jump over all of us attacked the dog, my hubby pushed him and the cat attacked him, then went after the dog again. he got to the dog who is smaller than he and wrapped himself around her scratching and biting her. I had to pry him away and dropped him on the floor. He then came at me and bit my thumb. I pushed him away while I held the dog in my arms. It took us 3 to push him out of my bedroom!! he was meowing really loud and weirdly!

I finally got the door closed and looked around and it looked like a war zone. we were all bleeding!!! the cat bit my hubby's finger right through the nail, he scratched my daughter and bit her thumb and I was bleeding from a bite to my right thumb as well. I looked at the dog and one of her ears was scratched and bleeding and he got her really close to an eye.

I was so scared!! he's gone crazy like that before but no so bad like this. he cat was always after my daughter and the dog but never after me or my hubby.I've had to take my daughter to the doctor with bites and lie to the doctor that the cat is not mine. I'm not one to take the animal to the shelter and abandon him there but I think this one cat is going to make me do this. It's getting crazy!

We have gotten home many times to find the dog badly scratched and bleeding. I had the dog first and it's not fair to her either or to my poor little girl who is scarred from this cat.

Micaud is not fixed, he is getting fixed on Tuesday though. We rescued him from the street where we found him meowing by a garbage can. He was probably a month old. I never thought to get him fixed cause he's an indoor cat and we live on the third floor. What a mistake I made! he sprays all the time and hates my dog.

Could his extreme agression be because he's not fixed? Why does he attack when we laugh loud or scream?

What to do? HELP!
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