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Winston, my condolences for the loss of Bomber

When my Benny passed away, Kato, and Kenya both acted differently for weeks. They would go lay in the spot where Benny passed away, at the foot of the stairs, usually they would lay on their dog beds in the familyroom.
Kato, just seemed sad, we couldn't entice him to play and he would nibble on his food, that lasted a couple weeks.
Kenya, she took it the hardest out of the pack, she cried, she would go from room to room looking for him, she would search the yard and whine and whine. She took over his "dog bed", and any other dog that tried to lay on got pushed off or intimidated into moving. She also laid claim to his toys, she wouldn't play with them, but neither would she allow anyone else to.
When Kenya passed, Kato pretty much did the same thing, whined for weeks, searched for her, took over her spots and her beds and her toys.
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