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Originally Posted by Bree_Wolfe View Post
They sent us home with some medicines. Mineral Oil, something to help with infections, vitamins, and something else.
Can you check to see what the other meds are? Also, how are you administering the mineral oil? There is a high risk of causing aspiration pneumonia if you're squirting it down her throat because it can very easily go down into her lungs. If it were me, I wouldn't be giving mineral oil at all.

What made the vet think there was an infection?

Originally Posted by Bree_Wolfe View Post
But we were told not to feed her all day,
Bad advice from this vet. Cats should not be fasted.

Originally Posted by Bree_Wolfe View Post
The vet said to call in a few days if nothing passes by then, and that they would have to do surgery.
You might want to get a second opinion. An enema or laxative would be worth trying before surgery and if that's all the vet has to offer, I'd be suspicious of the quality of his care.

What is she eating? Can you feed her some wet food mixed with lots of warm water? Does she seem to be dehydrated (pull up the skin on her scruff and if it's slow to return to normal, she's dehydrated).

One of the main causes of constipation in cats is a dry food diet. If your cat is only eating kibble at this point, it would be a good idea to switch to a quality canned or raw diet once this crisis is over.

More info for you:
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