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My Kitten Won't Poop


I need some advice on my six month old kitten. On Friday she was throwing up a lot and only pooped once and it was only a little bit, also hard and dry, and on Saturday morning it continued, so we took her to the vet that morning. They did blood work and X-rays and said there is an infection and COULD be a blockage because they saw a shadow of something in the intestines. They sent us home with some medicines. Mineral Oil, something to help with infections, vitamins, and something else.

When we got her home she slept all day (waking up sometimes to throw up) till the anesthesia they used wore off, then she wanted food. But we were told not to feed her all day, so I decided to wait till midnight and I fed her then. She didn't throw up her food which I figure is a good sign, and she has stopped throwing up completely. Today we gave her some mineral oil and the stuff for infections. She still hasn't pooped since Friday, even though we have fed her today and gave her the medication.

The vet said to call in a few days if nothing passes by then, and that they would have to do surgery. But... we can't really afford surgery as we have had a hard enough time just paying for the visit on Saturday, the blood work and the x-rays.

So, what I'm wondering, should it really take a few days for her to poop, or should she have today after getting the mineral oil? What else can we do to help along with passing it though her, or should Mineral Oil be enough...?
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