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Originally Posted by PicoKnows View Post
The dog's white blood cell count is in the 100,000 range, and her body temp is still at about 94 degrees. The doc gave her 2 antibiotic shots, hydrated her, and gave her an oral antibiotic. She sent us home with 2 shots that we have to administer ourselves.

That was 8 hours ago. The dog still has not left her bed, has no interest in food, and is INCREDIBLY lethargic.
Pyometra is a serious infection and can be life threatening. With the temperature, white blood cell count, lack of improvement and lethargy, I strongly feel that your dog should be hospitalized in a facility that can provide 24 hour care. Your dog needs thermal support, intravenous fluid support, intravenous antibiotics, not to mention pain medication and additional supportive medications and monitoring. I would take her in immediately.
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