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Thank you so much. We only have one emergency clinic in this area - and it is just awful. They're not even fully staffed and only have someone pop in and out.

Even worse, she is an extremely temperamental dog; she has to be sedated just to get her nails clipped.

We are trying to put a combination of warmed baby food/pedialyte in her mouth with a syringe, but she doesn't even want to swallow it down. She wants to be left alone, and sleep. She does not want us near her.

The doc gave us Baytril and Polyflex, we will be injecting her with them in a few hours. We will also be giving her another dose of Metronidazole orally as well.

Can we do ANYTHING else? Should we be forcing her to have the baby food/pedialyte? If so, how much and how often?

How do we know when the hypothermia has passed? We have a heating pad and heater on her; I don't want to OVERHEAT her.

Thank you again
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