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Thank you very much for the advice. I will keep looking for something. I don't really have anything to use as alitter box though so I think I will just make a trip to the dollar store tomorrow to buy something that will work temporarily. The only reason I only have one litter box is because when I had 2 they both just used the one. I don't really have much space in my apartment so I had to put one near the balcony door and one near the hall closet but they only used the one near the balcony so I just got rid of the other one. I can't find it anywhere so i think I threw it out by mistake Things are very quiet and settle now so that it will stay this way. Oreo seems healthy to me so far no fleas or worms that I can see. He is extremly thin though so I think maybe he had a home but wandered out and got lost or maybe someone abandoned him Also he knows how to use a litter box which makes me thing he had to be litter trained by someone right? But so far no one recognizes him I also have no vanilla lol but I am getting some groceries tomorrow and can pick some up. Attached is a very close up photo of Oreo.
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