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Thank you very much everyone for the advice. I don't have another room to shut him in. My son is just a small toddler with a baby gate accross his door and I keep my door open during the night to hear him when he wakes up. The only other room in the apartment is a teeny tiny bathroom.It's so small that I would feel cruel shutting him in there.

However I will try and find something to use as a temporary litter box. I will also try and find something to disguise their smell. I don't have baby powder because it's bad for children to inhale it but maybe there is something else non toxic that I can use.

Also at this time I can't afford to take him to the vet to see if he's healthy. I posted an ad on kijiji saying that I found him and I posted pictures of him on kijiji and facebook in the hopes that someone will recognize him.

If no one claims him I have already found him a forever home that he can go to on monday where I know that he will be well cared for and the only animal so he will get tons of attention. This person can also afford to get him nuetered and all his shots so i feel comfortable giving him to this person.

Right now the cats aren't fighting at all and Khailan is much calmer so hopefully everything goes ok over the weekend.

I have also given him a name because I hate having to call him kitty. His name is Oreo.

I will keep everyone posted on what is happening
<3 Khai lan, Noel, Lynden, and Xavier's mommy <3
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