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Unhappy Found and took in a stray and now Khailan is very angry

So yesterday I took in a stray male aproximately 5 month old black and white kitten. He is very thin and I had seen him around my neighborhood for about 4 days. Last night he slipped in the door with me when I came home so now he is staying with me temporarily. Since it was a last minute thing I didn't get a chance to prepare for the introduction of this new cat to my Cats Noel (female, fixed, 1 year old) and Khailan(male, fixed, also a year old).

I picked up the kitten and held him gently and let the Noel sniff him and get to know him. I pet both cats and talked in a smooth voice and they seemed to get along fine. Noel is perfectly happy having him around. However Khailan wouldn't go near him other than to sniff him from afar and growl. Now today he is completely ignoring and avoiding the kitten. However the problem is that he's very angry with me and my son now.

He won't let us near him. Hes growling and hissing and scratching and perminantly fluffed up. This is odd behaviour for him because he is usually the friendliest cat I have ever seen. I tried to snuggle him but he won't let me. I gave him treats but that didn't help. I am very afaid that I have destroyed my bond with him. I'm not paying any extra attention to the kitten and just trying to focus on Khailan so I don't know if it's jealousy or what.

The kitten is an unfixed male so maybe that's the problem? He is very very friendly with people and with Noel and he just stays away from Khailan. I feel very bad for the kitten because he is ver very thin and was very hungry when I brought him in. Unfortunately I only have one litter box which Khailan and Noel share with no problems so I'm wondering what to do as I have no money to buy a new litter box for a cat who will be leaving us to go to a new home soon.

I found someone who can take him on Monday but it will be a loooooong weekend if Khailan is still this angry all weekend. I don't know what to do!

And where I live it costs money to take cats to the spca so I can't do that either.

Any advice would be helpful!
<3 Khai lan, Noel, Lynden, and Xavier's mommy <3
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