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Originally Posted by mycat1211 View Post
My cat is 14, almost 15, years old. She has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition for about 3 years. She eats a good amount and takes her medication yet she is very boney and does not gain weight. Also, she likes to lay on cold floors (it is summertime currently) and sometimes will lay on her water bowl. Also, she is starting to smell a little. We got a new kitten about two months ago but they are used to each other by now so I don't think that is the problem. Any idea why my cat is acting strange? Thanks
You might want to start a new thread so that more people see your post, but in the meantime:

When was the last time your cat had a complete senior exam with blood work and a urinalysis? It could be that she needs an adjustment in her medication, or perhaps she's developed another issue besides the hyperthyroidism (such as renal insufficiency, or diabetes).
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