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Wonderful photo, LP. Well done.

Hazel, life there is much more dangerous than here, the only things we've had here is a Koala up a gum tree near our dog yards, kangaroos in our front yard, a solitary deer over on the corner(we live at a T junction), and of course snakes. I think if I had to deal with wolves, bears and cougars I'd electrify the fence. LOL.
Chico2, I actually envy you the privacy a wooden fence gives, which is crazy because we could have exchanged our old wire fence at the back for an iron fence long ago(termites make wood fences not worth consideration). I want my cake and be able to eat it too. Your sort of fence for privacy and the protection it offers the garden, but we want to be able to watch our sheep in the paddock or the birds visiting our dam. I've opted instead for stealing a strip outside the fence and starting a nice windbreak, and I'll plant climbing roses along the wire fence. Wish it was a solid chain link fence like Hazel's. It's dog proof, that's about all I can say.
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