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I did see McGee come twice although the second time I think it may have been on one of those recorded videos under the live cam window. They do interact and communicate a lot with each other when he visits. Some say she scolded him once in the last couple of days when he came twice in a row without bringing food and he came back with food a short while later. Could very well be, but I didn't actually see it myself. I am not completely overcome with MOD (Molly Obsessive Disorder) so I do miss a lot too. I check it out two or three times a day and sometimes leave the website running in the background for a while when I am on the computer.

You can also see some still pics and info here:

One of them shows a pic of the first time Molly defended her box from the "intruder." It doesn't show the intruder, just Molly in a defensive posture and McGee sitting behind her watching. McGee is the small one. I guess male owls are usually smaller than the females. Apparently the intruder came back again the night before last and actually entered the box (I didn't see that). Apparently Molly actually used her beak and talons that time and threw her out right quick. There is some conjecture that the other female may be Wesley, one of her offspring from the first clutch but who knows for sure.
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