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Working vs. Show

Or THEN vs NOW (suggested by Frenchy)

Just thought it would be a interesting thread to post photo comparison of Working vs. Show or Then vs. Now animals. For those not familiar with the breed point our a few characteristics that vary between the 2 lines.

Can be any type of animal, dogs, cats (I guess thats show vs pet quality maybe), horses etc.

Starting with the Dachshund.

AKC Longhaired

Working Longhaired

AKC Smooth

Working Smooth

AKC Wirehaired

Working Wirehaired

Working dachshunds are not the ponderous heavy-bodied standard dachshunds most people are familiar with. To differentiate working dachshunds from their heavy-chested pet- and show-dog cousins, the German word "Teckel" is generally used. (Unless your in Quebec, were the French say Teckel, albeit incorrectly)

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