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And I'd accept them graciously. What do you intend to replace them with? How many are going? Maybe there is someone reading this that would like them, a fellow Canadian I mean.
I do fertilise plants here by the way, though I never used to before. To explain that, while I showed my dogs the garden only got basic care, once it became 'the next obsession' I'm out there with the Seasol, Blood and Bone, Dynamic Lifter, Dolomite etc.. My dogs amuse me, they have to supervise my gardening and Silk in particular wants to smell the flowers. There are some things I just can't grow, like orchids, delphiniums from seed, of course a lot of the tropical things. My husband has given up on trying to curb my love of roses, he'll now laugh when he asks, on my return from town, "Did you get another rose?". ( I try not to disappoint him. LOL.) Being on Garden forums is just feeding my addiction because gardeners are such kind and generous souls, so ready to part with plants, cuttings or seeds. You should see the cacti and succulent collection I've got now courtesy of my friends on one private forum. And tomatoes, I'd probably have seeds for 60 or more different tomatoes now, all colours, shapes and sizes. Just don't know whether to plant any because they say we're going to get the worst locust plague in history come the Spring.
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