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Originally Posted by marjo362 View Post
We have had our dog Patched since the beginning of May. He was nearly a month old at the time, came completely 100% trained, etc. We have NEVER had an accident in the house, ever. We recently got a new bed, about 2-3 weeks ago. The bed came from my brother in law, a house with 3 cats. The dog has peed on the bed twice today!!! I have rubbed his nose in it both times. Why is he doing this all of a sudden?? What should I be doing to him when he does? Please help me, I can't believe that he is doing this!! Could there be a lingering cat smell in the bed??? And if so, what can I do about that. He sleeps with us and lays on the bed all the time, its not like he has ever been banished from the bed. Help! THanks!!!!
He was 100% trained at only a month old ? Was that an error?

If he's only 4 months old, you can expect accidents to happen every now and then. Remove his water 2 hours before bed and make sure you've taken him out several times to eliminate before retiring. Rubbing his nose in it serves no purpose other than to have him mistrust and fear you . He's only a baby and it can take him some time to get full control of his bladder, his accidents are not his fault. Have you considered crate training him for sleep time?
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