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Mine Too :(

I'm shocked by how many others have experienced this! It's comforting and heartbreaking at the same time.

I have a 12.5-year-old female ragdoll who has always been prone to bothersome health issues- food allergies, horrible teeth (despite several dental procedures under anesthesia), digestive issues, etc. These have been more or less manageable, until now. Last weekend, she tried to jump onto the windowsill, missed it with her rear legs, and fell. I did a double-take, but dismissed it since she's been a bit accident-prone for as long as I've had her. I did watch her more closely, though, and suspected she was maybe feeling a little stiff, but didn't get concerned until Thursday evening, when I noticed that she would take a few labored steps and then stumble or sit. She was walking on her hocks.

I took her to the vet Friday morning (actually cried in the waiting room, expecting the worst) and he did a full physical exam, urine test and bloodwork. All of this checked out normal (no diabetes), and he diagnosed her with neuropathy. He prescribed prednisolone 5mg and she has now had 5 doses over 2 days, with no visible results. His plan is to try the prednisolone for 10 days before moving on to other testing. I am, however, a very anxious pet parent, and am already beginning to feel nervous about not seeing any results so far.

Does anyone have an idea how long steroids should take to produce a result? Thanks so much for reading - I'm a wreck!
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