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my 2 dogs were both crate trained from when they came home as puppies and we found them a really valuable training tool. After the first year however, once housebreaking was done, we didn't leave them in them when we left the house. Our 2 year old dog hasn't slept in hers for about a year now, but occasionally it comes in handy, like when we have dinner guests or a kids birthday party and we need a brief period without the dog (who still like's to steal food from little hands once in a while )
My 8 year old dog is never crated now.

We also found that when travelling that if we needed to bring our dog with us that our hosts were quite a bit more willing when they knew our dog would sleep in their crate. If you ever need to transport your dog by plane or something, or your dog spends some time at the vet overnight being accepting of a crate can be of great benefit.

I agree they should not be misused, but there are a great many benefits.
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