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Hi. I saw this brand of food at Save on Foods and recognized it as the food my breeder would mix into the diet of her dogs. She even gave me a can to take home in the starter kit she assembled for me earlier in the year. The kibble she used was special order from some company, but I can assure you she is no backyard breeder and I have done research before deciding where to buy my dog. (i wonder if she still uses it?)

I didn't inquire about the onion, but I was excited to see a healthy brand of wet dog food on the market. However now my mind is being plagued with doubt about Lean Cuts. Surely onion powder can't be all that bad? My puppy has just started eating this brand of food (I've begun to mix it into his Innova puppy kibble, that must shrink the onion factor even more?) and he's still as lively as ever. It's been about 3 days. I suppose I'll do more research but my main point of signing up and posting is to prove that YES, people will sign up and post on a thread if it involves their beloved pets, or something they wish to debate, and they don't necessarily support the company that makes the food (to the user who said Morbo must be connected to the company in some way). I may be young but I, too, want to know what is best for my dog.

also, i'm pretty sure too much of anything (even if dogs can consume it and it is beneficial to them) will cause the dog to become sick and cause diarrhea. is the bit of onion powder really so much of a problem compared to the 100% ground beef, no by-product and no "mystery meats"? i was glad to see a dog food without filler but perhaps i'll have to shell out more money for the really good stuff or something.

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