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hey there flames girl:

sounds like your doing things right so far, just remember to introduce new protein sources over a couple of days, not cold turkey, and if you run into any issues, then go back and feed the last meal that you fed that had no problems,

another thing that i feed my two NSDTR a couple of times a week is Omega fatty acids, you can get it from from fish in a raw form, but neither of mine will eat fish (they don't like the texture) so i give them arctic Vigor, which can be bought online at a lot of dog food stores, just google it and you'll find a supplier, they get about a 2 second pour out of the bottle, (not rocket science)

I am not sure how old your pooch is but, they don't have to be fed twice a day, if it is a puppy then yes they need to be fed more than twice a day, but my adult dog gets 1 meal per day, might be easier for your lifestyle to feed once a day, but twice a day is fine as well.

also a true prey model diet will include a day of fasting, if you think about it wolves don't make a kill everyday, so Bodhi will have a day of fasting, he gets all the water he wants that day but the next day i give him about 1/4 more food than he would normal get that day, just to keep his ideal weight......

hope this helps
have fun

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