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I finally talked to the vet...Tabitha has really high WBC's and some form of infection/bactreria in the kidney and bladder. We are waiting for the culture & sensitivity to come back probably next week to see if anything can be grown. Rather than wait she thought it would be best to start her on a course of treatment now and if we need to adjust it based on what type comes back from the C&S we can deal with it. So for now she is on Orbax 22.7mg.

We did the urine/protein/creatinine test and it came back normal!!!!! I am thrilled about that because Bombers was high and when we gave him the Fortekor everything went down hill.

She does have pancreatitus but she did not seem too concerned about that at this point. She indicated we would treat it.

So I will wait till next week for the results and see where we go from here.

One great thing is that I can put the pill in her wet food and it will dissolve!!!! As you all have heard before she is a NIGHTMARE to pill!

Maybe I should start a thread for tabitha rather than this one..

My little miss is tired and sleeping at the moment...(she was up all night so she should be bloody tired! )
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