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I happened upon this website after thinking about my cocker spaniel who died 3 years ago this month after a bupivacaine shot. She too dropped down onto the floor letting out a wrenching sound. I still can't stand to remember it. Cardiopulmonary arrested, I tried to revive her. The nearest vet was too far away. I believe if the anesthetic or drug isn't safe it should not be used. What are the regulatory bodies doing about these matters? This is a medical profession whether it is to treat humans or animals. I'm appalled at the seeming lack of regard for the efficacy and safety of the medical care our animals receive in this society not to mention those who escape prosecution for the tormenting, neglect and abuse of them. I once produced a tape recording of a tenant in a building where I lived (who was disturbing and teasing my dog while I was at work) to the landlord and to the local police. So much for justice and medical care for animals. l miss my animal, still. In loving memory of my beautiful Zelda.
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