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You will need to find out the requirements as soon as possible. With only three months to go before you leave you don't have a lot of time. If you follow all the requirements and come from a country that is rabies free or has a low incident of rabies a quarantine period may not even be necessary. Also regulations are somewhat different if you are going to Macau, Hong Kong, or other parts of China. Among other things you may need to get a microchip for your pet that is ISO compliant (this is the case in Macau), or if it is not ISO compliant you will need to take your own scanner with you so it can be read. If the microchip cannot be read, your pet will not be allowed to enter Macau. I'm not sure if this is true for other parts of China.

For most countries any required vaccinations must not only be up to date, but must be done more than 30 days in advance of leaving your country to avoid unnecessary quarantine.

Non compliance to the regulations for a country could even mean your pet would need to be returned to the country of origin, unnecessarily quarantined or (worst case) euthanized.

The above may sound scary, but as long as you make sure you are aware of and follow all the requirements, you should have no problems and everything should work out just fine.

As Floppy Dog suggested, a good first step would be to check the official People's Republic of China web site and contact the Chinese embassy in your country, and also make yourself aware of what the requirements would be should you plan to return to your own country in the future. Your travel agent could also be helpful.
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