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There is no way this little guy is a feral, he is far too affectionate and loving, not a fear in him. Now that he is moving around more I cant help but notice that he is currently quite the "ugly" little thing lol, but in such a way that he is cute. hard to explain, I will try to get a video of him moving around, pictures dont show his "not so nice" features or give you any idea of how terribly skinny he is.
As for his pills, I crush it and mix it in his wee little meals, he really doesnt care as long as there is something going in his belly.
A real little trooper thats for sure ( and no way on that for a name, its my SIL's horses name)
His eyes are clearing up well today, and he is a bit congested sounding still today but only when he tries to purr (which is pretty frequently)
he rocks at using his litter box but had a bit of a mis hap a little while ago with his water dish. He fell in it then ran to his litter box so now he has litter stuck all over him lol
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