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Originally Posted by Masha View Post
4 month quarantine? that is just crazy... When me moved from Israel to Canada, we had no quarantine period for our dog.
Actually, it isn't when you consider that Australia is an island. The countries with the most stringent quarantine requirements are the UK, New Zealand and Austrialia, all because of their geography. As islands, they are protected from some of the animal diseases which plague the larger continents such as Europe and Asia. Hoof and mouth disease and rabies are two such that come to mind. You can't blame a country for trying to keep such devistating diseases out.

Canada doesn't need such stringent quarantine for Israeli domestic animals for two reasons. One, Israel is a developed nation and as such can provide excellent vetrinary care for its animals. Two, Canada already has many of the diseases that quarantines are designed to guard against.

Perhaps if you had immigrated from a less developed nation, say one of the sub-Saharan African nations, your dog may have been quarantined.
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