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cats & raw

Hi there,

My kitties seem to love beef more than anything else, so they get beef liver, beef tripe and beef heart most often, but I also feed them chicken livers. As for the bones, my cats have yet to consume a whole chicken neck, but they love to play with them while they eat!! They will stand on the bone and rip pieces of meat off and gnaw away at them. I feed them chicken wings too. I don't really worry because I've been doing the raw thing with my dog for a long time...she chomps down on the bones and chews them up in seconds...with the cats I do watch them carefully to make sure there's no problem. Plus, I've seen my cats eat mice...and there's plenty of bones in there. Anyway - it's definitely not for everyone but because I have plenty of raw stuff around for the dog I supplement the cats diets a few times a week. They've always got their noses in the dog's food bowl, anyway

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