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He is now on a smorgasboard of medications for various things but he is expected to make a full recovery.
He does have an URI and it may spread to the other cats but we just have to keep an eye on them. Not like I'm going to move him outside and make him fend for himself.
He has various problems beside his URI, he is severely underweight (almost has zero body fat) has worms, fleas, mites, ticks so is going to be going on revolution as soon as his fever drops, he has to go back in on Friday and we will be starting his revolution then.
He has a lot of mucus build up in his nose and eyes and does tend to choke on it from time to time if he starts to purr. His penecillin should help him with that in the next couple days.
All in all he is doing OK for now but the vet had no doubt that he would make a full recovery now that he is warm and dry and getting all the medications he will need for a bit.
I hope his temperature comes down by friday to get the parasites taken care of. He doesnt have a lot of fleas and there was only one tick that was found so its really going to be all about breaking the flea cycle.
he has a pretty demanding feeding scheduele for the next while, he needs to have wet food put in his mouth so he knows what it is several times a day but not in excess as his little stomach can not handle much. Looks like I have a tag along for work for the next few days. He did well in the cat carrier today but I will go pick him up a small dog crate so I can fit a litter box in it until I can find someone who will baby sit him through the day for me.
So, theres his update.
Now its time to find him a name
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