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It looked like Ziggy had called a truce

So my young cousin and his friends were staying here last night. I put them all in the basement where the computer and HD TV are so that they could do whatever boys do on a sleepover

My cousin has allergies to cats so we decided to put all da zoo in our room and close the door as Ziggy is quite the curious cat and would have never let them have peace all night.

Around 3 a.m. I heard one cat leave our bed and felt another plop down beside me. I was sure the cat on my right was Ziggy as he NEVER lets Zuzu on the bed with him. To my surprise, seconds later a feel another cat come up on my left side and it was Ziggy . They each slept on either side of me for FOUR HOURS!!! That has never happened.

I woke up so excited we had gotten over the "cat the brat" stage, finally after ten months!!!!

Sadly, coming in from walking the dogs this morning I heard the familiar Zuzu shriek coming from the bedroom as Ziggy was no doubt removing her from one of "his" spots

Oh well, at least it was a start. We are going to try again tonight and see if it yields similar results
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