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I did manage to get him to eat, he definately was hungry but just didnt know there was food around. I put a bit in his mouth for him and he went nuts for it.
I dont know if he's feral, he's super cuddly and has NO fear of Kita what so ever.
First thing I did was a thorough flea check because I have a serious paranoia about getting fleas in the house and he seems to be clear of them (fingers crossed) his ears really bother him a lot though, he walks a little off balance and shakes his head a lot and goes to town scratching at them.
We set up the humidifier for him and he doesnt seem to be wheezing as bad and is sound asleep right now and even used his little litter box in the giant dog crate, I havent seen him drink yet so I put a little droplet of water on his paw and he licked it off almost immediately so I feel a bit better he had a little something, i will go do it again before bed and get up part way through the night and repeat again.
I just hope I can get him in first thing in the morning. I would have to do a drop off and board for the day but he needs medical attention with out a doubt.

Considering Guy was Mr. anti cat way back in the day he is very concerned about this guy and went hunting for our cat carrier and towels to travel with tomorrow. By the way Guy is talking it looks like we are now a 4 cat household again
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