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Exclamation Cat experts I need your advice/ knowledge

Hi everyone, after a very busy long weekend we were on our way to pick up some of our toys at the lake (boat and stuff) on the road there we almost ran over a very wee little kitten so we swerved a bit and stopped to pick it up, considering we were having a horrible downpour at the time.
Guy ran out of the truck and scooped up the wee kitten and we quickly unpacked some towels and started drying him/her off.
Once it stopped shivering all bundled up on my lap in the truck I noticed it was having a bit of a hard time breathing. He (or she) has a runny nose and goopy eyes a bit and sounds a bit congested. Its resting in a warm dry crate in the spare room right now away from our cats as I am thinking its an URI I am calling the vet and taking the kitten in to work with me tomorrow so we can get a quick vet check done as soon as possible. No need to recommend a vet visit, I'm on it
I was just wondering though, what I could do to help make the kitten more comfortable for the night. I have the windows closed in the room so there is no drafts and am thinking of putting the humidifier in there for it (but want to check here first if this would be of any help or make things worse)
It isnt very interested in eating either and I wouldnt think its over 6 weeks old, but there is some cat food in the crate with it and a small dish of water, should I soak a few of the kibbles for the kitten to make it easier to eat?
And what precautions should I take with Floyd and Mia, I have them in a room in the basement right now (keeping them off the main floor incase it is an URI as I am not sure how contagious it is)
Any tips would be helpful either here or as a PM
Thanks everyone.

And there will be pics to come I promise cause its the cutest little thing in the world
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