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Hi Winston

I had to reply, we are going through a very similar experience. We adopted Eve and Ella at the same time from the ASPCA. They have been together since we adopted them three years ago. Even thought they had different personalities, they were very close and have never been separated. Last week Eve became very ill with kidney failure / cancer and had to be euthanized. Now my heart is breaking for Ella. She is very vocal
and anytime the door opens she runs to see if it is Evie. She rubs all over
Evie's carrier and then climbs in and sits in there as if to say "take me to Evie."
I am heartbroken already that we lost our shy, baby girl, but seeing Ella's confusion makes it so much more incredibly painful. She is eating, but I start to cry every time I put down only one bowl of food. From what I have been reading it seems that the best thing to do is to try and keep your routine as normal as possible and give lots of love and affection and attention. Although I wanted to rush right out and get her a new companion, I think it is better to give the surviving cat time to grieve, because that is stressful enough without
having to get used to a new cat. Also, cats do pick up on our energy, so for
now I am trying to be strong and not let her know I am hurting so much.
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