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Question Cat terrified of dog

We have a dog (she's 3, a duck toller/lab mix, had her since she was a pup) and we recently got a cat (1.5 yrs old, we've had her for a couple weeks).

The cat is sometimes okay around the dog but others just terrified, its really sad, she'll hiss and growl and sometimes even shake. Shes tried to attack the dog twice, the first time she jumped on top of the dog and the latest time she clawed the dog then hid in the corner, but she wouldnt leave the corner, not even for her litter so she went to the washroom in the corner and of course that meant she needed a bath because shes long haired.

The dog does nothing to provoke the cat, shes only ever chased the cat when the cat attacked her (tho she was told no and stopped), she'll lay calmly near the cat, head down, shes definitely at the stage of co-existing or even being friends.

Everything I read says discipline the dog, leave the cat alone, well there's really nothing to discipline the dog over but I dont wanna just let my cat hide in a corner for the rest of her life. I dont expect our cat to adjust right away, but shes seems to be getting more scared as time passes.

Suggestions? Advice? please!!
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