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Well I am back from Tabitha's vet visit and figured I would just update here.

Tabitha is still her mighty 6.1 pounds. The vet said she looks good, heart rate was good, blood pressure was good, color etc. I discussed the meowing and she felt that it was appropriate that they look at some blood work. She has not had bloodwork done since 2008 so it wont hurt anyway.

The big thing she noticed is that Tabitha's left kidney does not appear to be functioning at all. She said is was part of age and she thinks that genetics may play a roll here since Bomber and Tabitha are littermates they may have a genetic issue with the kidney??

They were able to draw blood without having to sedate her like the previous clinic so I was happy with that. She was a good little girl the whole time. They returned her to the room after drawing the blood and she sauntered across the table and into the scale and laid down??? strange she is sometimes!

I also brought the bag of vet food back and asked her if she wanted to donate it to someone. I was quite surprised to see a $25.00 credit for the food on my bill..

So I wont know what her blood work looks like tomrorow. I am praying for good results.
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