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Some Gardening Questions From A Moldy Thumb

For you fortunate green thumbers, I have a few questions (some more coming in the near future no doubt ).

- Tomato there a reason the lower leaves curl in on themselves? Too much water? Not enough water? Is fertilization necessary? How often and with what?

- Lawn care...what do you use as a safe weed and feed. I don't mind dandelions at all but not when they take over the complete lawn and it's starting to get a little out of control here. We have lots of clover, which I love but, they attract too many bees so I don't want more than what we already have...especially with Nukka, the mighty bug hunter . I manually pull out the weeds around the new trees and shrubs we planted but it's humanly impossible to do the entire property.

- Morning Glory...ours is growing like mad but no flowers . It's planted in a non-glazed ceramic pot on our deck. Full sun from sunrise to about 3pm. I water early every morning as the earth dries very quickly, probably due to the pot it's in.

- Lilac trees...we planted 8 young ones this year. I just noticed today that four of them have a white powdery mildew on the leaves. From past experience with other plants, I know it's only a matter of time before the leaves dry up and fall off . Can I stop this from happening? And how can I prevent it on the remaining trees? I have cedar mulch around them but about 6" from the base. I only water (without getting the leaves wet) when it's really hot and we haven't had rain for 3-4 days.

Help .
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